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Heating and cooling accounts for a significant portion of the energy used in your home or building so choosing an energy-efficient system can have a big effect on your overall energy use. In order to encourage customers to install energy-efficient products, government and other companies may offer rebates on qualified products to residential and commercial customers. Below, you will find a current listing of offers and rebates on LG Air Solution systems available in Canada. Some may be region-specific, so make sure to read the details to see if they apply to you or your region.


Select LG Heat Pumps are eligible for up to $5,000* in government grants.


204825177 / LAN090HYV3 LAU090HYV3 LG DUALCOOL™ Prestige 9K BTU Mini Split
204825178 / LAN120HYV3 LAU120HYV3 LG DUALCOOL™ Prestige 12K BTU Mini Split
204825179 / LAN150HYV3 LAU150HYV3 LG DUALCOOL™ Prestige 15K BTU Mini Split
204825180 / LAN180HYV3 LAU180HYV3 LG DUALCOOL™ Prestige 18K BTU Mini Split
204825181/LAN240HYV3 LAU240HYV3 LG DUALCOOL™ Prestige 24K BTU Mini Split
10567393 / LAN090HSV5 LSU090HSV5 LG ARTCOOL™ Mirror 9K BTU Mini Split
10570122/ LAN120HSV5 LSU120HSV5 LG ARTCOOL™ Mirror 12K BTU Mini Split
10567390 / LAN180HSV5 LSU180HSV5 LG ARTCOOL™ Mirror 18K BTU Mini Split
10567394 / LSU090HSV5 LSN090HSV5 LG DUALCOOL™ 9K BTU Mini Split
10570123/ LSN120HSV5 LSU120HSV5 LG DUALCOOL™ 12K BTU Mini Split
10567391 LSN180HSV5 LSU180HSV5 LG DUALCOOL™ 18K BTU Mini Split
204825182/ LSN243HLV3 LSU243HLV3 LG DUALCOOL™ 24K BTU Mini Split with Extended Piping
204825183 / LSN303HLV3 LSU303HLV3 LG DUALCOOL™ 30K BTU Mini Split with Extended Piping
204825184 / LSN363HLV3 LSU363HLV3 LG DUALCOOL™ 36K BTU Mini Split with Extended Piping
203381526/ LCN098HV4 LUU097HV LG 9K BTU Ceiling Mounted Cassette
203381517 LCN128HV4 LUU127HV LG 12K BTU Ceiling Mounted Cassette
205788765 LCN429HV LUU420HHV LG 24K BTU Ceiling Mounted Cassette
205788771 LCN489HV LUU480HHV LG 48K BTU Ceiling Mounted Cassette
10445372 LMU180HHV LG 18K BTU Multi F LGRED Hyper Heat Outdoor Unit
206221543 LMU180HV LG 18K BTU Multi F Outdoor Unit
10445374 L LMU240HHV G 24K BTU Multi F LGRED Hyper Heat Outdoor Unit
10445374 LMU240HHV LG 24K BTU Multi F LGRED Hyper Heat Outdoor Unit
206221544 LMU240HV LG 24K BTU Multi F Outdoor Unit
206221552 LMU240HV LG 24K BTU Multi F Outdoor Unit
LMU 300HHV 30K LGRED Multi F
LMU36CHV 36K Multi F
LMU360HHV 36K LGRED Multi F Max
LMU420HHV 42K LGRED Multi F Max
LMU480HV 48K Multi F Max
LMU600HV 60K Multi F Max